Welcome to the official website for the Aynor Area Athletic Association in Aynor, South Carolina. We are an Horry County Park that is managed by a Board of Directors voted on by the local community.  Thank you for visiting our website!  We hope you find this information useful and we welcome your feedback.


ATTENTION!: Please read before clicking any of the links. Football Registration is here!
In person registration will be available at the rec center from 6-715 pm Monday August 2nd and Thursday August 5th.
Ages 5-12 as of August 31st this year. 
You may also register online and make payments online. You will have to become a site member first if you have not already done so. Once you are a site member, then the signup can be completed. You are not completely registered until you have
1. submitted registration forms or signed up online.
2. Made payment
Payments can be made via
Venmo or paypal $63.50 to: aynorareaathletics@gmail.com. Please include your child(ren) names with comment.
or you can pay in person $60 at places and times that are posted. 
If you complete everything online, you do not have to come to any of the signups. We will be posting when we will be giving out pads. PAYMENT must be made beforehand. Below is the online registration link and word or pdf forms if you prefer to come in person signups.

Show your support for a new gym! Contact your county councilman and encourage him to push for us to get our own gym or at least a goal for us to be able to get a gym.
Al Allen 843 602 9243