Welcome to the official website for the Aynor Area Athletic Association in Aynor, South Carolina. We are an Horry County Park that is managed by a Board of Directors voted on by the local community.  Thank you for visiting our website!  We hope you find this information useful and we welcome your feedback.

Concessions Bid Form in Word or PDF
Photography Bid Form in Word or PDF

Please download and turn in what is requested in the forms here if you would like to submit a bid for photography or the concessions. Contact a board member if you have any questions. Bids are due Monday, March 16th.

2020 Fall Season!
PLAYER FEE    =    $60.00       &     $300.00 per sponsorship
The All Star Brackets for Basketball can be downloaded below.

AAAA accepts registrations from all participants within the Aynor Dixie Youth, Dixie Softball, and Dixie Boys franchised area.  For information concerning this specific area, please see an AAAA board member.  Any participants outside the Aynor Dixie Youth, Dixie Softball, and Dixie Boys franchised area will need to seek a waiver from the appropriate representatives for the specific franchise the participant is requesting waiver from. For more details regarding these rules please consult the appropriate 2018 Official Rules and Regulations.

We need Coaches and Sponsors!


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